Living Space

The Château offers a large living room where you can meet to read a book, have an afternoon tea or simply play games and watch television. A mix of elegance with cozyness welcomes you during your stay. Furthermore, a large fireplace awaits you when the days are getting colder. You can also access another beautiful reading/working space located in the tower room directly from the living area.

Dining Room

An outstanding dining area welcomes you to enjoy dinners among family and friends. This room has been carefully designed to match Josephine Bonaparte’s origins which inspired the style of the castle. A fireplace will keep you warm during colder days and evenings and a large, voluminous crystal chandelier is found in the middle of the room. Every detail has been hand-picked to offer a one of kind memorable experience to you and your guests.


The kitchen offers all modern amenities one may need during an extensive stay at the castle. This kitchen has all the latest gadgets one would want while staying at the property and offers a large prepping area as well as a cooking station. A bar area is also featured in the kitchen and you can also have casual meals at the beautiful large table which is found in the same room. This area seats up to 6 people in addition to the next door dining room. The kitchen includes like many other rooms in the castle a unique fireplace which will keep you warm during the colder months of the year.

Snooker Room

A highlight of the Château is the Snooker Room with a Snooker table that is a 100 years old. This room invites you to play after a dinner with your friends. You will feel as if you were taken back in time to the 20’s and 30’s where men and women would join one another for a game after the dinner/cocktail hour. 

This room is located across the dining room and is connected to an intimate library as well as a private office and offers a lovely view onto the large terrace and park.



An intimate Library is connected to the Snooker Room which invites you to read one of our many books that we have available at the property for you. It is the perfect space for some quietness that allows you to dive into your thoughts and dreams.

This room is also equipped with elegant features such as a lovely crystal chandelier and gorgeous sky blue toned woodworks with gold accents.



There is a designated office space for anyone who needs to get their work done. This office is located right behind the Snooker Room and includes two large windows letting you see the park as well as the entrance gate of the Castle. This space is perfect for working away from home and offers you the privacy you need.