La Chambre des Abeilles

This beautiful beautiful Suite features a large sleeping, reading as well as closet area. Furthermore, the bathroom includes a modern bathtub/shower with plenty of space. You will notice that this room has been inspired by golden bees featuring the wall decor, being a symbol for royalty and luxury.

From the bedroom you can access a room in the tower of the castle where you space to read or do some working. A lot of privacy and space for the perfect holiday.


A modern yet luxurious bathroom with a large bathtub awaits you. Beautiful details such as marble and golden details welcome you to get ready or simply relax while taking a warm bath while offering a view onto the garden. 

La Chambre Bleue

A beautiful room, inspired by blue tones offering the perfect space for relaxation. A large king size bed welcomes you for the perfect resting. Beautiful details can be found in the room such as unique lamps as well decor that will catch your eyesight immediately. La Chambre Bleue has a view onto the large park of the castle.

In addition, an extra bedroom is also attached to this room. The room description can be found under “La Chambre Extra”


The bathroom is connected to this suite and offers a modern feel with a beautiful view onto the garden. This bathroom features a shower, cabinets for storage and of course the toilet space.

La Chambre Rose

A Suite in powder pink tones with a princess flair. You will find many tasteful elements in this room such as antique mirrors, a large princess style bed, a marble fireplace as well as a large elegant chandelier illuminating this beautiful room. This Suite opens up with its’ large windows to a stunning view onto the park of the property, giving you full privacy.


A large modern bathroom is part of this beautiful Suite, offering you all the luxury you need. This bathroom offers all the modern amenities one may need, such as a spacious shower, storage space as well as an extraordinary view onto the park of the property.


La Chambre Paravent

A unique Suite with beautiful decor welcomes you during your stay. As the name of this Suite already says, there is an antique screen featured in this room with scenes from a couple of hundred years ago of sea travellers. The folding screen is found behind the large king size bed. Here as well, you will find stunning details which will make you enjoy your stay to the maximum with plenty of storage options. The bathroom is also connected to this room.


A stunning, white inspired marble bathroom belongs to this Suite. The shower offers a unique double capacity with two golden shower heads. White linen curtains within this tasteful bathroom offeryou an ultimate luxurious experience during your vacation.


La Chambre Extra

This lovely and cozy room is attached to the “Chambre Bleue”. Ideal for families who want to have their children close by or a perfect guest room. This room also features a large window and storage options for your time at the Castle. The bed is antique bed which offers space for two.